Dolls, A Fun And Valuable Collectable

Dolls: A Precious, Hand-Me-Down Treasure

Dolls, A Fun And Valuable Collectable Are you a doll collector? Then chances are you were first a doll lover. Are you a doll lover? Then then the probability is very high that some day you will also be a doll collector. The two seem to go hand in hand: the love of dolls feeds the urge to collect, while collecting deepens the love of dolls, and doll accessories.

Most adult-level doll collectors are really attracted to porcelain collectible dolls. The delicate features and exquisite period fashions attract many people -- as well as collecting miniature porcelain doll kits as well. The miniature porcelain doll kits are especially favored by adults (and some teenagers) who wish to sew their own doll clothing and accessories.

While we're on the subject of doll accessories, in addition to their dolls, many collectors also enjoy collecting doll houses as well. For those who are ambitious and have a flair for construction (as well as the necessary tools) doll house plans are available in various styles, drawn to various scales. You can even use your computer to generate various doll house plans, displaying various drawings and diagrams on the screen, to get an idea of what they will look like when they are constructed.

A great deal of the doll collecting world is caught up in feelings of nostalgia -- a desire to re-create life and times of the past. For this reason Amish doll furniture has become highly collectible. Amish doll furniture is actually constructed by authentic Amish craftsmen, and this doll furniture is produced to the same exacting standards as their full-sized furniture.

Of course when we think of collectible dolls, surely one of the most collectible dolls are Franklin mint dolls. Franklin mint specializes in dolls representing all sorts of famous persons, such as the Royal family and film and TV stars. Franklin mint dolls are very popular and often times increase in value over time.

There are some ladies who are attempting to recapture their lost childhood to their doll collection. That's why many women collect Betsy McCall doll clothes. Betsy McCall is the name of a doll that first appeared on the cover of McCall's Magazine in the 1950s. Today, Betsy McCall, and Betsy McCall doll clothes, are enjoying a tremendous resurgence in popularity.

A great company manufacturing a full line of dolls, doll clothes, and doll accessories, is the American Girl company. One of the truly unique aspects of American Girl doll clothes is that you can also purchase matching outfits for little girls as well. These daughter and doll matching outfits have proven to be very popular with many girls today. Of course some young girls like to collect dolls that are modern and sophisticated and up to date. Many young fashionistas love Bratz dolls, and Bratz dolls accessories are very hot right now.

Finally, while the young ones are off playing with their Bratz dolls and accessories, many moms are enjoying collecting primitive dolls -- these are dolls that are very unsophisticated and plain in appearance. Primitive dolls were the kinds of dolls that every girl owned 200 years ago, and many ladies today are using primitive doll patterns to construct authentic replicas of these historic dolls.

Perhaps the greatest thing about dolls is their power to unite the generations. Dolls, which were once owned by great-grandma, and are now owned by mom, will one day be given to their daughters -- a precious, hand-me-down treasure. Perhaps today you will begin to discover for yourself the joys of owning and collecting dolls...